An opportunity waiting to be explored

We believe that the Everycare opportunity is definitely worth a closer look.

None of us know what we don’t know and most of us wish at times that we had been in possession of better information on which to base our important decisions. We are committed to making accurate and realistic information about our business available to all serious enquirers. You may know a lot about our sort of business or very little. One thing we are confident about is that we believe we know a great deal and that knowledge and experience is what makes the Everycare opportunity really worth your investment. The start up costs, when compared with many business opportunities, are relatively low yet the earnings potential is huge and that is what make the ROI so attractive.

Uniqueness of our system

Our organisational culture is unique. We are a medium sized company with a highly professional but non-corporate feel. Some things in business are hard to define but the relationships that exist between us and our Franchise Owners and between our Franchise Owners themselves is definitely an exceptionally mutually supportive and encouraging one. People constantly remark that we are a reflection of what the best family should be. So although we are confident that we will give you the very best in systems and concepts we would assert that there is a further valuable component to the Everycare Opportunity and that is quite simply the team who are Everycare.

What we look for in a Master Franchise Owner

Based on our own experience, we look for individuals, who are successful, ambitious, energetic, motivated – natural leaders, caring, honest, personable and dedicated to success, who are comfortable in setting and achieving demanding targets for themselves and their Franchise Owners. They will have a winning way with people and demonstrable commitment to the success of the brand.

The individual qualities we look for:

  • A strong knowledge and awareness of the local market, practices and culture in the delineated territory;
  • Access to sufficient financial resources to develop and then continue to support the Everycare sub franchise business on an on-going basis;
  • Access to relevant professional services;
  • Proven Entre-leadership qualities, including the ability to appoint, inspire, lead and manage a team to assist in achieving the stated objectives and ensure business success;
  • An astute business mind, sound general education and not risk averse;
  • A strong sales and marketing focus to build the brand and establish its leading presence in the marketplace;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills;
  • Good physical and mental health;
  • Support of partner if in a long term committed relationship;
  • Be of excellent character, trustworthy, honest and have no criminal convictions;
  • Able to supply excellent financial, character and professional references;
  • Have a good command of the English language and the local language of the delineated territory if different.

The Ideal Everycare Master Franchise Owner may also be:

  • An enterprising individual who is looking for new commercial challenges;
  • Someone with a track record of running successful businesses possibly from a health care background;
  • Committed to delivering a fast-track return on investment via the rapid development of this business;
  • Able to cope with the constantly changing needs of clients, adapting to their expectations and demands, whilst working under pressure;
  • Most of all someone who shares our passion for the Everycare brand and has a genuine care for persons who receive a service from us.