Healthcare & Social Care Master Franchise opportunity – Proven Business Model

At Everycare we know that it is the strength and success of our strategic partnerships that makes all the difference. It is for this reason that we believe that your business acumen and local knowledge, together with our proven systems, professional knowledge and experience, will create a mutually beneficial partnership, a winning formula for success for you and your business, as part of the Everycare network that continues to grow from strength to strength.

Our Expertise

You will be able to draw upon all our expertise and success:

  • Experience which, supporting your hard work, will help you achieve a high level of business success and place you in profit in the shortest possible time frame
  • Experience that has earned us our excellent professional reputation throughout our existing franchised business operations in the UK
  • Experience that continues to keep us ahead of the competition
  • Experience that has given our brand significant exposure in the UK

We’ll be with you all the way…

As your committed partner, it will be our mission to bring you the highest quality support to enable you and your business to excel in your local territory

From day one, we will support you with:

  • A proven and tested concept
  • Fully protected IIPR
  • Full support in area identification and site location of a strategically located office
  • Advice on your office development package
  • Marketing materials and website
  • Advice on appropriate staffing and support systems
  • Advice on pricing strategies
  • Fully developed sets of policies and procedures honed over many years
  • A fully integrated real time, web based, service management system
  • A lengthy development agreement with automatic renewal (subject to fulfilling set criteria)
  • A system that has generated continuous positive results and consistently high return-on-investment
  • Continuous system and product development