Alcohol management and home detoc service seminar

Everycare International has added another service to it’s current schedule which has been successfully operated in the UK.

Alcohol misuse can threaten public safety, impair job performance, tarnish a company’s reputation and result in costly medical, social, and other problems affecting employees and employers alike.
Productivity losses attributed to alcohol are estimated to be steadily growing. Several factors contribute to problem drinking in the workplace. Employers are in a unique position to mitigate some of these factors and to motivate employees to seek help for alcohol problems.  It is considered to be the best practice to be supportive towards employees, trying to maintain their employment and at the same time trying to tackle the problem. Providing treatment solutions to alcohol issues is therefore of paramount importance to employers, medical practitioners and business owners.

Everycare operates a private Home Alcohol Detox Service with support from specialist doctors and nurses with experience in providing such treatments to patients with alcohol addiction.

The Everycare Home Alcohol Detox Service can provide an effective and lasting solution to alcohol issues and is administered by:

  • An initial medical examination and review
  • The administration of appropriate medication in your home to prevent future alcohol use
  • The daily support in the home of an experienced detox nurse
  • Ongoing support throughout your treatment
  • Proven medical treatment that brings results

Another exciting service which Master Franchise Partners can particpate in and which Everycare International can provide full support.

In the UK , the Alcohol Management and Home Detox service was promoted at a seminar in Cardiff with specialists in the treatment of alcohol misuse providing information and guidance.